Passages For The Listless And Tired

by Darren Harper

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Medeor The whole album is a beautiful example of aural isoscaping that is at once both deeply (almost spiritually) stimulating and rewardingly somnolent. Given the titular inference, it succeeds perfectly. Favorite track: Third Passage.
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rainer eric It's not only good, it's special. Ambient at its best. It will last. Highly recommended.


Autumnal drifts captured at the edge of consciousness, between wakefulness and dream, purely in moments of cloudy reflection, ebbing and flowing on a sea of resonant waves. Hypnagogic passages for the listless and tired.


"Passages For the Listless and Tired “might be thought of as transcriptions of deep meditative states into softly undulating aural form, and in that regard Dronarivm’s slightly more elaborate characterization of it as “hypnagogic passages for the listless and tired” captures its tone all the better. " ~Textura

"Passages for the Listless and Tired, on the brand new Moscow based Dronarivm, is one of the smoothest releases we’ve ever heard. Each track launches gently and comes to a cushioned end. In their midsections, the tracks undulate like waving wheat. The effect is one of controlled calm. It’s not easy to produce such music; one needs to avoid jagged edges on the one hand and tedium on the other, but Harper sidesteps both extremes. As the album develops, the sines and layers grow slightly more intense, to the extent that the “Fourth Passage” borders on the dark ambient, midway between the friendly and the frightening. This twinge in timbre is a necessary evil, as it prevents the project from becoming simply a series of comforting waves." ~A Closer Listen


released December 20, 2012

w/p ~ Darren Harper
mastering ~ Jason Corder




all rights reserved


Darren Harper Nederland, Colorado

ambient/experimental sound artist, photo-novice, father, husband.. . ...

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